Green Moving Practices


Many industries have taken to going green, they have recognized how their industry can be changed to be apart of the solution instead of contributing to the problem. It probably comes as no big surprise that the moving industry is one those industries that has suffered by being apart of the problem instead of the solution, with its big gas guzzling high pollutant trucks, to the materials used in packing and moving, we have seen our fair share of problems that needed to be addressed to help make this world a better place.

At Element Moving and Storage we aim to succeed in a big way, we have tweaked our moving process, packing procedures, and materials we use to help reduce our carbon footprint. We have found more environmentally friendly packing materials to help protect your fragile items during your move, through to cardboard boxes that are used more than once.

Going green has increasingly gained popularity with consumers and companies, we are proud to say we are apart of this movement and to continue to grow our business with green practices. Element moving and storage is the next generation in moving, and being green is a strong part of that next generation by practicing and continue to develop new practices that make your next move as green as it possible.