Piano Moving

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From Bach to Beethoven, a piano is a versatile complex musical instrument.   It is an extension of many musicians who find themselves engulfed in the beautiful sounds produced with each press of the keys.  Since the invention of the first piano in the early 1700’s, a piano can be considered one of the most valued pieces of a musician, collector, or home owner.  To state that you have a Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, or a standard upright, understand that with Element Moving and Storage no piano is too large or too small of a task.

Moving a piano requires planning.  Pianos are extremely heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, nicks and dents. Even a small upright piano can weigh more than 350 pounds. Grand pianos can easily weigh over 1,000 pound, and older upright pianos tend to be top heavy, making them unstable and more difficult to move. Understanding the type of piano you have, one must review the different sizes manufactured and whether it is a vertical or horizontal piano.

Different Sizes:

Upright                                                                 Grand

Spinet                                                                  Petite Grand

Consolette                                                          Baby Grand

Console                                                              Medium Grand

Studio                                                                  Ballroom Grand

Full Size                                                              Concert Grand

Once the type of piano is determined, this allows the professional Piano movers at Element Moving and Storage to plan your move accordingly.   Certain types of pianos require special equipment in order to safely move them from one location to another.  We understand that moving a piece that is invaluable to the homeowner must be handled with great care and precise planning. Leave the planning and worry to Element Moving and Storage to handle your piano move with no stress to you.