Shuttle Service – What/When to Expect!

Shuttle Service – What/When to Expect!

What is a shuttle service and when can I expect it?

Throughout the years, it seems almost everyone who I explain this process to,
is stumped. No one else has explained this procedure to them, so they’re left
wondering why we have this cost written in as a possibility, and no one else
has even mentioned it.

Most all moves traveling across state lines will be taken on a 48’-53’ trailer. If
The semi cannot access the destination, the shipment will need to be loaded
onto a smaller truck and delivered on that. There is extra time, fuel, and labor
involved so it will be at an additional cost. This is a shuttle service. This is
standard policy with any interstate moving company. And believe me when I
say, your driver never wants to have to do this. This makes for a much longer
day and can cause delays for other shipments. This is a last resort.

There are several things to consider when trying to determine if you will
require a shuttle service. Shuttles can be required if there are narrow streets,
unpaved roads, low lying bridges, and overgrown foliage. Some cities also have
ordinances in place that will not allow trailers in certain neighborhoods. On that
note, some homeowners associations even have rules and regulations for
trailer access. Another thing that is detrimental to the trailer’s access is whether
or not the trailer can get in and out of the neighborhood safely. Just because
they can drive up to the destination, doesn’t mean there is a safe way to back
out of the neighborhood. Cul-de-sac’s and dead end streets can be particularly

Please keep all of these things in mind and get with your certified moving
consultant if you have any questions/concerns. The goal, for us, is to attempt to
alleviate any surprises on the day of the delivery.


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