Countdown to a Successful Move

Moving day happens smoothly with proper planning.  At Element we suggest that you start four weeks before the big day. Use this guideline to provide you an outline of suggestions.

4 weeks

  • Alert the post office with a change address form.
  • Notify all subscriptions to all publications and bills.
  • Time to get your medical records.
  • Spring Cleaning it’s time to donate to a great cause.
  • Make sure that all local water, electric and power is turned off at the prescribed time.
  • Do you belong to a church organization, if so alert them of the move.

3 weeks

  • Start packing the items you can handle yourself
  • Know where your furtiture is going in the new house – this is always fun to draw it out.
  • Back your PDA or Smart Phone with all phone numbers and addresses
  • Notify your Element Moving Specialist if anything about your move has changed (dates, etc.).
  • Who is moving your pets, make arrangements
  • Check with your bank to make sure that they do not require anything
  • Call your insurance agent to verify your homeowners policy and to transfer to the new home

2 weeks

  • Who is driving all the cars to new home are you shipping them with your belongings?
  • Make sure that all your new appliances are properly serviced so that you can use immediately.
  • Take all toxic materials and dispose
  • Contact your regular services and make sure they know that you are moving and will not need their services
  • Are the large items staying with the house?

1 week

  • So close… make sure that payment is ready at your new home. Make sure that funds are available, either by credit or check.
  • On last call to all your phone and internet company to alert day of moving.
  • Pack a bag to take on the trip itself.
  • Time to clean out the frig… eat all those wonderful frozen meals.
  • Empty all gas powered lawn equipment

1 day before

  • Defrost, clean and dry your refrigerator.

Moving Day

  • Be There! Make sure that you are there for your moving crew. This will help spearhead the direction of all boxes loaded and unloaded on and off the truck.
  • Verify the condition of all property loaded.
  • Say good bye!